What Racism and Sexual Assault Inside Corporations Have In Common…
What Racism and Sexual Assault Inside Corporations Have In Common…

Corporations that passively allow or ignore racism and sexual assault, within the workplace and just offer employees a day of anti-bias training or lecture on sexual assault, will not solve the problem. Both racism and sexual assault are considered mental parasites.

There are biological parasites and mental parasites. Cancer is considered a biological parasite, a diseased organism that attacks healthy cells. Many cancer patients require intensive treatment, like chemotherapy and surgery. Researchers are now diving into the core of the disease, like CRISPR  that is working on changing the genome of a living cell to eradicate cancer. Unfortunately, there are still no intensive treatments for racism and sexual assault.

Racism and sexual assault are mental parasites. Both carry a distorted understanding about compassion, respect and integrity. These distorted perceptions can not be changed just by training or being lectured to. For now, racism and sexual assault can only be managed through the criminal justice system, like a convicted sex offender that must be registered and report to a probation officer regularly.

To think that by only offering racial training or attending a “rehab” treatment center on sexual assault will solve the problem, it will be totally erroneous. Do not buy into the pop psychology believe that racism and sexual assault can easily be resolved through just training or listening to lectures. This is what predators are banking on so they can hold on to their money and possessions.

We will eradicate cancer first before eradicating racism and sexual assault.

For now, being an effective role model parent to a child during that child’s formative years can prevent a mental parasite. A healthy child can avoid developing  distorted perceptions about racism and sexual assault when parents teach respect, tolerance, and equality.

Are you doing your part as a parent for one day to eradicate racism and sexual assault?