Personal Revolution Therapy


Personal Revolution Therapy ™ (PRT) gives you key insights and strategies to improve your mental fitness. In my book, “Awake and Alive: Revolutionize your Mental Fitness through Personal Revolution Therapy ™, and with patients, I introduce four mental tools that revolutionize how you can improve your mental fitness. These tools can be applied to help with difficult relationships and in achieving ones personal goals. PRT gives you inner peace as well as helps you make the changes needed to improve your overall mental fitness. PRT can be used whether you are in therapy of not. PRT techniques can not only help you improve your mental fitness, but the techniques can also be used to teach your children so they too can develop healthy mental fitness as adolescents and adults.

The uniqueness of PRT techniques is the fact they help you master your ability to have your needs met. Achieving the skills needed to improve your mental fitness and/or maintain a path of making good decisions in your life does not come from just sitting and reading “how to” books. It comes from you allowing yourself to take that first risk and see yourself as a individualized and loving person.

PRT techniques provide practical methods in how to avoid repeating the same mistake. To err is human but repeating the same mistakes are detrimental to mental fitness. Many times we miss seeing our own repeated mistakes in our relationships or in ourselves because the driving forces behind them are not always apparent. PRT techniques offer the tools to correct repeated mistakes through exploration and understanding.

My hope is that by using Personal Revolution Therapy ™ techniques you get a better understanding of yourself. For, “know thy self” is the greatest weapon in improving mental fitness. Knowing thyself is what gives a person the persistence and desire to find solutions to remove obstacles that are interfering with their ability to live a healthy, balanced life.