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How PGA Golfers Are Still Teaching Us About Respect…
How PGA Golfers Are Still Teaching Us About Respect…

At a time where news and social media tragic so much negativity about how we treat each other, PGA golfers continue to show us how to be kind and respectful. This act, by PGA golfers, is seen after each completion of every round of golf.

After each round of golf, PGA golfers show their respect to other players by removing their baseball cap and shaking hands. It certainly brings me a smile and relief knowing, in spite of the negativity, that there are more kind people than mean people. Hat etiquette should be an example, literally or figuratively, that we CAN choice to be kind to one another. We all have that empowerment to be kind or not to one another, even to strangers. As of matter of fact, sometimes, we tend to be nicer and more forgiving to strangers than to our own families.

So, next time you pass someone on the street, kindly gesture with smile or a nod  as a sign of kindness and compassion. That act may trigger positive endorphins in your brain that might lift up your mood for that day.

To my knowledge, there is only one active PGA golfer who does not have any hat etiquette. Can you name him? But remember, as in life, we should strive to not let one rotten apple spoil the barrel.