I have written many mental health evaluations for attorneys. By gathering the necessary clinical information and administering standardized assessment tools, I make accurate conclusions as to whether or not an attorney’s client meets the medical criteria for a psychological disorder caused by hardship. These reports for attorneys actually consist within my specialty area of interest and the majority of my practice.

It is my job to help immigration attorneys  determine whether or not their clients meet exceptional hardship medical criteria for their clients who live in the states of California, New York, Texas, and Florida. Hardship can cause psychological and emotional distress for victims of domestic violence (VAWA), an asylum-seeker, a family member threatened for deportation, or a citizenship applicant, who suffers from memory loss.

Immigration attorneys require the assistance of an experienced licensed clinician to administer psychological tests needed to support such findings. Unfortunately, many immigration lawyers struggle to complete their cases in a timely manner because most attorneys refer their clients to inexperienced mental health counselors. Psychological summaries from the inexperienced counselors are too generalized and unclear. Many attorneys have to spend additional and unnecessary time figuring out how to interpret vague reports. In many cases, unqualified mental health counselors need to spend more time with the client, thus, unnecessarily charges that client for each session. Accurate clinical information helps explain how psychological problems are interfering with the client’s current hardship.

I am also a clinical and pragmatic psychotherapist who cares deeply about the well being of my patients. I have been practicing for over 30 years and I love the fact that I learn something new everyday. My passion for psychology led me to develop Personal Revolution Therapy, a system that gives people the keys and strategies they need to maintain and improve their mental health. The purpose of Personal Revolution Therapy is actually to keep you out of “the chair” and get you more in tune with handling your mindset and emotions on a day to day basis.

I would love to hear from you to understand what issues you may currently be dealing with. I have a blog and podcast on this website where I am more than happy to address anything that is important to you.

Dr. James Triana